Upcoming Events!

Fall/Winter 2019

September 19 Wellness & Recovery Fair 11:00 am-2:00 pm Recovery is happening in Kalamazoo!  Come to the Wellness & Recovery Fair at Bronson Park in downtown Kalamazoo where we will be representing Y12SR – the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery!  It’s free!

September 29 Yoga Nidra 4:00-5:15 pm The changing of the seasons is a great time to re-set and relax.  The summer is winding down, the days are turning cooler, the kids are back in school.  It’s time to turn your focus inward and find calm with sleep yoga.  Pajamas are welcome!  Lower level of Unwindings.  Cost is $15.00

October 17 Paint and Pour 6:30 pm Art can be relaxing and meditative.  Art is known to help you re-connect with yourself, liberate emotions, and increase self-awareness.  We will be using acrylic paints on canvas to make our own unique masterpiece.  Lower level of Unwindings.  Art supplies provided.  Cost is $35.00

November 3 Yoga Nidra 4:00-5:15 pm  Yoga Nidra is the perfect way to start your holiday season.  Find some time for yourself and find peace before the craziness of the holidays.  Pajamas are welcome!  Lower level of Unwindings.  Cost is $15.00

December 30 Vision Boards 5:30 pm  Start 2020 off right by setting goals and putting those goals on a vision board!  Our vision boards will be on canvas.  Magazines and embellishments will be available.  Please bring any special pictures or magazines that you may want to include on your vision board.  Art supplies provided.  Lower level of Unwindings.  Cost is $35.00





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