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RYT200Welcome to Om Yoga Kalamazoo!  My name is Julie Boulter and I am a certified yoga teacher.  My goal in creating OYK is to make yoga accessible for anyone.  The yoga classes offered vary from chair yoga to gentle vinyasa flows. 

Classes are held at different locations.  Check the OYK class calendar for the most up-to-date classes available!  Click on the class to see where it is located.

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Red Bubbles

We all have them…..the little red circles that reside in the corner of the icons on our cell phones.  The little red circles that alert us to new messages or updates or posts.  How addicted are you to your phone?  How quickly do you respond to the red bubbles?  Can you ignore them? I’ll admit … Continue reading Red Bubbles


Today is St. Patrick’s Day and while most people are out celebrating this green holiday I am writing this blog.  Everyone is a little bit Irish on this day.  Including me!  I recently got back the results of my Ancestry DNA sample.  It was pretty much as I expected, except that I am 11% Irish!  … Continue reading Ancestry

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