I feel incredibly lucky to be able to participate in Wanderlust 108 in Detroit with my wonderful husband! This is the start to my vacation this week. My intention is to do yoga and meditation every day. Wanderlust 108 is a 5K, yoga and meditation all in one event. Noah Levine will be leading the meditation. I can’t think of any better way to start my week of relaxation!

Looking ahead to this week, Monday night at 7 pm I will be teaching yin yoga. Yin yoga is a way to open the hips, knees and lower back. Yin is an excellent complement to higher intensity workouts. Yin is a deep stretch practice.

Wednesday night this week at 6:30 pm I will be teaching chair yoga. This is a great practice for someone who has limited mobility or cannot get on the floor. It brings movement to your body with gentle stretching and using the chair for a prop. Find variations of classic yoga poses using a chair!

I hope to see you on your mat this week!