Life is full of many changes. Recently my life has gone through a lot change. Because of all these changes I have not kept up on blogging or my website. A deep depression has caused me to turn to old vices and coping mechanisms. So, this week I am taking time out of my life to re-connect to myself and start to turn things around. I am focusing on my personal enrichment and yoga practice. I am slowly pulling myself out of my dark funk. I’m sure many of you can relate.
One of the symptoms of depression is that you don’t see yourself the way others do. It’s hard to see in yourself the things that others love about you. You think that you aren’t good enough or loveable enough or pretty enough. It’s hard to look in the mirror and not see all your flaws.
The reality is that you are enough! The people in your life love you for you. They don’t see your flaws the same way you do. This is just one way that depression can skew your perception. It takes away your self-esteem and confidence. It takes away from your zest for life. Depression is demanding and formidable and feels like an uphill battle.
I’ve consciously decided to fight this battle and defeat my depression. The best way for me is through yoga. Nothing helps me connect to myself quite like yoga. The physical aspect helps me feel better and make smarter choices. The mental aspect allows me to clear my mind of all the negative thoughts.
This week this is my yoga. This week it’s about physically challenging myself and erasing the negative thoughts. What is your yoga this week?