I’m sitting here racking my brain trying to come up with something to write about.  I haven’t blogged in a few weeks and there is so much I could write about, but just can’t seem to pinpoint one topic.  So this will be a blog about nothing!


Sometimes its ok to just talk or think about nothing.  Nothing can be a good thing.  Nothing happening means that there are no dramas or tragedies to occupy your mind.  Nothing means you can concentrate on you and not something else.  Nothing is stress-free.  Nothing is worry-free.  Nothing is just being.


Yoga concentrates on being in the present moment.  I don’t know about you, but it’s REALLY hard to just be in the present moment.  When I’m on my yoga mat I can have a hundred different thought cross my mind.  I consciously try to make them clear out of my head, but they usually creep up on me again. 


When this occurs I count to five on my inhales and count to six on my exhales.  By counting and concentrating only on the breath it helps to clear my mind.  Sometimes this is only temporary and those thoughts come back.  It’s just human nature to think about the past and worry about the future. 


The nothingness is one of the things I love about yoga.  My time on my mat allows me to not think about anything but what is happening on my mat.  It’s a time of thinking about nothing and just feeling!