It always seems that there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done.  We are so busy being busy that time just slips by.  I’m just as guilty of being too busy.  Between family, work and obligations, it’s all too easy to forget that we all need time to decompress and de-stress.  This morning I found myself so immersed in my yoga practice that I completely forgot what time it was.   It was so refreshing to think of nothing for an hour except for my breathing and moving.  I was really and truly practicing in the moment.




It’s so easy to talk about living in the moment and appreciate what’s happening right now, but It’s extremely difficult to actually DO!  And when you can truly be in the moment, it’s revitalizing.  Not concerned about what has happened or feeling anxious about what could happen.  Just being. 




Join me this Tuesday for a vinyasa flow for balance.  And maybe even concentrating so much on your practice that you too forget the time! 




If a flowy class isn’t what you are looking for this week, Thursday will be a slow warm-up followed by a yoga nidra (yoga sleep).  Feel free to bring your favorite blanket or wear your pajamas for this relaxing class!