I recently read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  This book spoke to me in so many ways.  It helped give me that extra push to put myself out there and start teaching yoga.  Big Magic is all about living creatively.  There were three things that really stood out to me as I was reading it.

The first thing is that rejection is ok.  I have always hated rejection and that has held me back many times.  My fear of failure prevents me from taking risks, but rejection is a learning experience.  Every rejection or failure is a tool to help better myself.

The second thing is that perfectionism is overrated.  I expect perfection of myself and then I’m disappointed if I fail to be perfect.  It’s unrealistic to think I can be perfect all the time.  The imperfections in life are what make things memorable!  Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book whatever you “practice at you will improve at.”  Practice will make you better, but you may never find perfection, and that’s ok!

The third thing is that “everybody imitates before they can innovate.”  Copying your mentor or what you see on the internet is ok!  After a while you can make it your own by adding something unique.  This goes for anything!

How does all this apply to yoga?  There is no failure in yoga.  Every fall or misstep is a learning experience that brings you closer to your full expression of the pose.  There is no perfect pose!  The pose is what feels good for you.  By practicing regularly you will improve the posture.  But what really matters is that it feels good for you.  Hopefully you find your own Big Magic on your mat!