Today is an amazing day.  I will be teaching my first class tonight at Unwindings in Kalamazoo!  Join me tonight at 7 pm for a slow-moving flow class that will help build strength and flexibility and improve stability.  Slower classes allow for more time to take stock in how the pose feels and make adjustments needed to really get the benefits of the pose.

My favorite balancing pose is called Natarajasana (Dancer Pose).  This has been my favorite pose from the first time I walked into a yoga studio.  It takes a tremendous amount of concentration to do this pose.  When you are concentrating so intently on doing a pose there’s no room for anything else to take up residence in your brain.  You are completely focused on this present moment.  And that’s the only moment that counts.  It’s easy to become immersed in a pose that’s difficult and focus your breathing and energy on maintaining your balance.  But I find it harder to maintain that focus on less difficult poses.  When it takes less concentration to hold a pose I find my mind wandering.  I have to reign it back in by bringing my attention back to my breath.  This focus and presence is what I try to take with me off my mat and out in to my everyday life.

This is yoga!