February for me is a time for new beginnings. Most people celebrate it as the month of love. For me it’s my birthday month and a start of whole new year on this earth! This year it’s the start of something completely new for me. Starting February 21, 2017 on Tuesdays and Thursdays I will be teaching yoga classes at Unwindings in Kalamazoo! These classes will be gentle Vinyasa flows and are for everyone.
What I love about the slower flows is that sometimes they are more challenging than the faster flows. When you slow down and hold poses longer, you can really feel where the pose is benefitting you. You can take the time to try different modifications that fit your body. I find that modifying my pose can be more challenging than going further. Many times, I modify a pose to be more gentle on my joints. There are so many options!
Another benefit of a slower flow is that you really have time to focus on your breath. You can inhale more deeply to create space and exhale longer to settle into the pose. This union of breath and movement is what yoga is all about. At the end of my practice, this is what brings me peace and tranquility. And this is the feeling that I hope everyone has when they step off their mat.